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iNDAH KOiN thanks you for the support

We are very proud to have launched iNDAH KOiN online this week. 

A very heartfelt thank you to everyone who has helped us get this off the ground.

Mel, Di, Jodie, Candice, Elaine, Paula, Carolyne and especially our families thank you for giving us the time, love and support so that we could put our energy into sharing iNDAH KOiN online. We couldn't have done it without you.

iNDAH KOiN is passionate about families, friends, sharing, growing, changing and improving.

We are striving to 'be the exception'

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iNDAH KOiN Launch Day is approaching

Sarah, Emma, Kate and Kellie have been working hard in the lead up to our website launch on the 15th of October.

We have visited Bali to source and design some of our products, we have sourced products from other suppliers around the globe, we have added our iNDAH KOiN embellishments, undertaken a photo shoot with local photographer CDM and attended business workshops.

We are travelling, learning new skills, creating and changing.

We are very excited to show you our range and hope that you love it as much as we do.

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iNDAH KOiN on facebook and Instagram

Since bringing iNDAH KOiN to facebook and Instagram 3 days ago, we have been overwhelmed with the response so far.

Thank-you one and all for your likes, shares and beautiful words of support.

We look forward to sharing more iNDAH KOiN with you in the coming weeks.

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